David Alosi and Dick DiBuono
David’s Italian ancestors are from the province of Cosenza in Calabria on his maternal tree and the province of Messina in Sicily on his paternal tree. He has researched both his trees to the mid 1700’s. As a child, his mother was an immigrant herself. David grew up with a knowledge of her experiences immigrating to the United States on a steamship and the process that his relatives had to go through at Ellis Island. This rich verbal history left him with a curiosity to connect with his European roots. David has been researching his Italian ancestry for about 20 years and had the great opportunity to go back to visit his mother’s birth home. He has helped several people find their ancestors not just in Calabria, Sicily and Pennsylvania, but in many different regions of Italy. Each region’s records are similar, but they can present different challenges depending region. David was raised in the eastern and central parts of Pennsylvania.

Richard “Dick” DiBuono has been engaged in Italian genealogical research for almost 20 years. He has researched his paternal family tree back to the late 1600’s and his maternal family tree to the early 1700’s in the Molise and Le Marche regions of Italy, respectively. Dick has been assisting others with their genealogical research for more than a dozen years as a member of the Annandale Family History Center’s volunteer staff. He is a retired civil engineer, having specialized in the field of water resources development and management during his more than 40 years of professional practice.

Jeannie Farnsworth
Jeannie has been working on her own family history for the past 30 years, and has enjoyed seeing the dramatic improvements in the process and use of technology in the field of genealogy. For the past three years, Jeannie has had the privilege of teaching others to use new technologies to find their ancestors too. With new technology has come the opportunity to meet some of her more distant, living relatives in the States and in Ireland. Genealogy is great fun!

Meredith Francoise

David Grantham
Dave is a Family History Consultant for his congregation in the LDS Church, with several years of experience working on his own genealogy and helping others too. Although he does not consider himself a genealogy expert, he realizes that there is always something new to learn or another area to explore. He is excited to share his knowledge and experience. Dave is a descendant of an immigrant.

Bob Hardiman
Robert “Bob” Reynolds Hardiman, although not a professional genealogist, is most definitely a family historian who has written over 13 histories for family and friends (see below for titles). He has volunteered for several years at The Annandale Family History Center and is known for knowledge of how to trace Irish ancestry.

The Ancestry of Marguerite Carrier Verville (1977)
The Lewis Family History (1983)
The Cynthia Cordiner Family Tree and History (1984)
The Alan Magazine Family Tree (1985)
The History of and Family Tree of Schall-Broderick Family (2007-2008)
The Ancestry of the Mazza Family (2008)
The Ancestry of the Mazza and the Lewis Families (2008)
The Ancestry of the Lewis and Ramblers (2008)
The Ancestry of the Devors (2011)
The Carmelo Azzara Family History (2013)
The Ancestry of the Hardimans, Mazzas and Gilberts: 4 volumes (2013)
The Ancestry of the Ryans (2015)
The Ancestry of the Wallace Family (2016)

Shawnee Marsh

Jason Palmer

Charles Sibre
Charles E. Sibre grew up in the Delaware County suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy and served 22 years in the United States Coast Guard, stationed all around the country. He obtained two Masters of Science degrees in Computer Science and Operations Research at the United States Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. After retirement, he worked for Northrop Grumman Information Technology and its predecessors supporting multiple Federal customers in the Northern Virginia area in the computer science field. He got seriously interested in genealogy just before his retirement and volunteers at the Annandale Family History Center. He is conducting a ‘single name study’ of his SIBRE surname, and also loves to assist his relatives in tracing their ancestors.

Victoria Robinson