Live Classes 2016

Dutch Research

Presenter: Meredith Francoise

African American Research

Presenter: Victoria Robinson

Getting Started With FamilySearch Part 1 has many capabilities.  This class will give  an overview of FamilySearch basics to get you started with this powerful, easy-to-use, FREE software, including setting up a user account, explaining the user interface features such as navigation, searching the family tree database, adding records, and how FamilySearch makes collaboration possible.

Presenter: Jeannie Farnsworth

Getting Started With FamilySearch Part 2

This class will focus on how to Search records in several formats: digital records found on FamilySearch and records that can be ordered from Salt Lake City in either microfilm or microfiche form.

Presenter: Jeannie Farnsworth

Your Trail of Breadcrumbs to Ireland

Most Irish records are organized by location. To do Irish research, you need to know where your ancestors lived in Ireland. Knowing the place is the key to finding records. Without going to Ireland, you will be shown one way to follow the breadcrumbs to your ancestor’s home in Ireland.

Presenter: Bob Hardiman

Using Newspapers for Genealogy Research

Newspapers are a great resource to help researchers “put the meat on the bones” of their family.  This presentation will explain WHY to use newspapers for Genealogy research; WHERE to find the existence of newspapers; and will DEMO multiple newspaper websites.

Presenter: Charles Sibre

Researching Your Italian Ancestry

Through the experience and knowledge of our presenters, you will have the opportunity in this class to learn the steps to take and what genealogy resources are available to research your Italian ancestry.

Presenters: David Alosi and Dick DiBuono

Using DNA to Discover Your Ancestry

Presenter: Victoria Robinson

Immigration Research Basics – A “Must Have” In Your Research Tool Kit

The area of immigration research is often an area that is unfamiliar and therefore is avoided. It can be intimidating, difficult to know where to start, or it’s different from what we are used to; besides, “there are always other areas to search”.  For most of us, we can say we are descended from an immigrant.  Therefore, researching immigration is not something to be avoided, but embraced; a skill to be developed as one of the most important tools in our ancestry research tool kit.

The area of immigration research is as large and complex as any other area of research, with its own nuances and familiar frustrations; however, the rewards of success can be great.  This presentation will provide the information needed to understand and start your immigration research.

Presenter: DK Grantham


How Descendancy Research Can Uncover Your Family Tree

Presenter: Shawnee Marsh

Sharing Information Between Ancestry and FamilySearch

Presenter: Jason Palmer

5 Recursos Esenciales Para La Genealogía

Presentado por: Sonia Meza

Cómo Escribir Su História Personal

Presentado por: Aurea Valladares

El Cuadernillo “Mi Família”

Presentado por: Miriam y Raul Arauco

El Cuadernillo “Mi Família” –  Práctica en El Centro de La História Familiar


Ask The Experts

Sometimes you just need to talk over your genealogy questions with someone who knows the ins and outs of genealogy.  Sign up for a 20 minute block of time with one of our local experts and see if they can point you in the right direction.  Great for beginners and more skilled genealogists!

Scanning Photos to FamilySearch Using the Family History Center

One of the great things about FamilySearch is that it allows you to upload photos of your ancestors and tag them to their Person Page on Family Tree, as well as having the ability to organize the photos into Albums. The copier/scanner machine in the Family History Center allows you to quickly upload your family pictures directly to FamilySearch where you can later tag and describe photos at your convenience at home or with one of the computers at the Center.  You can also scan your photos directly to your own flash drive.  Mike and Joy will teach you how to do this.  Bring up to 10 photos to get some hands on practice.

Presenters: Mike and Joy Jackson

Sign Up for a Account

Getting a FamilySearch account is free and open to anyone. Stop by and visit this table in the cultural hall to sign up for your account, so you can begin taking advantage of Family Tree, the Search features and Pictures, Stories and more.

What Famous People Are You Related To?

With your FamilySearch log in, you can find out if you are related to Famous people using a new website,  The categories include: poets, business leaders, Catholic Saints and Popes, Constitution Signers, Declaration Signers, European Royalty, Famous Americans and Europeans, Mayflower, Military Explorers, and US Presidents and their wives.  For those who are LDS, in addition to those categories just mentioned, you can find out who in your ward and in the Stake you may be related to.

Sign Up for Partner Accounts

LDS members are invited to stop by this table to sign up for FamilySearch Partner Accounts including, FindMyPast, MyHeritage and American Ancestors.

Learn How To Index

The success and progress of family history work in the last few years is due, in large part, to microfilmed records being digitally indexed.  Come learn how fun and rewarding indexing can be and so you can take part in this great work in your own home or wherever you may be when you have a few spare minutes.  Who knows… you may even index one of your own ancestor’s records!

Family Portrait

Family History is a family affair – not just for the past, but here in the present.  Stop by to have your family’s picture taken!